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How to Replace the Headlamps on a 1958 Chevrolet

In 1958, Chevrolet released six vehicles: The Delray, the Biscayne, the Bel Air, the Impala, the Nomad and the Corvette. Replacing the headlamp on any of the vehicles is fairly simple. The 1958 Chevrolet vehicles have several screws mounting the headlamp assembly to the engine compartment. Once the screws are removed the electrical connector is unplugged and the headlamp assembly comes right out.

Tools Used: Phillips screwdriver, Replacement headlamp assembly

Replace Headlamps

Turn off the Chevrolet's engine and open the hood.

Remove the four screws securing the headlamp assembly to the mounting bracket.

Unplug the electrical connector from the rear of the assembly.

Remove the two screws securing the assembly to the engine compartment and pull the headlamp out of the vehicle.

Install the replacement headlamp and fasten the two screws to secure it to the engine compartment. Plug in the electrical connector to the rear of the assembly.

Install the four screws atop the headlamp assembly that attach it to the mounting bracket and close the hood.

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