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1990 Mercedes Benz 500SL Windows Adjustment Procedure

1990 Mercedes Benz 500SL (129.067) V8-5.0L (119.960)

Figure 1 Check proper fit and adjustment of window (arrows, positions 1 and 2, Figure 1) with door and window closed The window can be adjusted at points indicated by arrows in positions 3-10 in Figure 1 (see Procedure).


1. Install hardtop, if removed.

2. Remove interior door panel (job no. 72-100).

3. Remove lower body protection panel (job no. 88-800).

4. Remove speaker group and air passage.

5. Remove protective plastic liner from door.

6. Remove inner and outer sealing rail (job no. 72-160 and 72-170, respectively).

7. Adjust door if necessary (job no. 72-050).

8. Loosen guide piece screw and push downwards. Download File PDF

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