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1995 Ford Windstar Engine Removal & Installation

1995 Windstar Workshop Manual

Engine Assembly


1. Disconnect wiring connector retaining engine compartment lamp.

2. Mark position of hood hinges (16796) and remove hood (16612) .

3. Drain engine cooling system. Refer to Section 03-03.

4. Disconnect battery ground cable (14301) .

5. Remove cowl top vent panel (022A68) . Refer to Section 01-02.

6. Disconnect generator and voltage regulator wiring assembly.

7. Remove engine air cleaner (ACL) (9600) and outlet tube.

8. Disconnect upper radiator hose (8260) from engine.

9. Disconnect heater water hoses (18472) .

10. Disconnect heater hose bracket bolt on left side of engine.

11. Disconnect oil cooler inlet tube (7A030) and oil cooler tube (7A031) using Oil Cooler Line Disconnect Tool T86P-77265-AH.

12. Discharge A/C system. Refer to Section 12-00.

13. Disconnect manifold and tube assembly from A/C compressor. ... Download File PDF

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