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How to Install the Disc Brakes on a 1963 Chevrolet Nova

Brakes are among the easiest safety feature on the 1963 Chevy Nova to maintain and replace. It takes less than two hours to change all four brakes on the vehicle, and it can literally save your life. Brakes need to be changed every 3 to 6 months, depending on the amount that you drive and the quality of the brakes that are on the car. Signs of brake wear are squealing brakes and a grinding sound as you drive or stop.

Tools Used: Floor jack, Jack stands, Tire iron, Socket wrench set, Twine, Wood blocks

Install the Disc Brakes

Park the car on a level, clear surface. Loosen the lug nuts by rotating them one rotation counterclockwise with the tire iron. Set the wood blocks behind the wheels you will not be removing.

Raise the car with the jack. Lift it high enough to allow the tire to come completely off. Place jack stands underneath the support struts along the edge of the undercarriage.

Remove all of the lug nuts, remove the tire and set it and the lugs aside.

Remove the bolts holding the brake caliper mounting bracket to the rotor with the socket wrench. Tie the mounting bracket to the vehicle with the twine to prevent any stress on the brake line.

Remove the brake pads. They will easily slip out if pulled by hand. Denote their orientation for reference when installing the new pads.

Compress the caliper, which is the cylinder in the center of the mounting bracket, with the C-clamp. If the clamp slips, set one of the old pads against the caliper and then compress it.

Insert the new brake pads, making sure to align them as the old ones were, with the brake material facing the rotor.

Reattach the bracket with the bolts. Put the tire back on, lower the vehicle and tighten the lug nuts.

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