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How to Replace Oil Pan Gasket on 1969 Chevrolet 250

Chevrolet first produced the 250 six-cylinder engine in 1966, although the engine is essentially an enlarged version of the 230. The 250 features an oil pan on the bottom of the engine. Between the pan and the engine block is a one-piece gasket designed to prevent oil leaks. The gasket is made of cork, which tends to deteriorate over time. Once the gasket fails, it must be replaced. Fortunately, because of the 250's relatively small physical size, doing so requires fewer steps than required for the eight-cylinder engines.

Tools Used: Jack, Safety stands, Wrench, Container, Engine assembly sealant, Oil pan gasket, 4 quarts of engine oil

Replace Oil Pan Gasket

Lift the car with a jack and lower it onto safety stands. Remove the drain bolt on the bottom of the oil pan with a wrench and allow the oil to drain into a container.

Insert and tighten the drain bolt into the oil pan with a wrench to avoid the risk of losing the bolt. Remove the negative battery cable from the battery with a wrench.

Remove the nut that secures the battery cable to the side of the starter motor with a wrench, then lift the cable off of the battery.

Remove the two bolts that secure the starter to the front of the transmission with a wrench and pull the starter out of the transmission.

Remove the front crossmember from underneath the engine. The crossmember is secured with several retaining bolts. Remove the bolts with a wrench and lift the crossmember away from the frame.

Unfasten the oil pan's securing bolts with a wrench and lower the pan off of the engine. Lift the old oil pan gasket off of the oil pan. Apply engine assembly sealant to a new pan gasket.

Position the gasket onto the pan, then press the gasket in place. Hold the oil pan against the engine and install the pan's securing bolts with a wrench.

Position the front crossmember into place within the engine compartment and install the crossmember's bolts with a wrench.

Insert the starter into the transmission and install the starter's two retaining bolts with a wrench. Position the battery cable onto the starter and install the cable's nut with a wrench.

Tighten the negative battery cable onto the battery with a wrench. Lower the car to the ground. Raise the hood and withdraw the oil dipstick. Pour 4 quarts of engine oil into the dipstick tube. Insert the dipstick into its tube.

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