1988 Chevrolet Camaro Emergency Parking Brake Adjustment

For Chevrolet Camaros circa 1988 or later, you can make adjustments easily to the emergency parking brake. Check the owner's manual to make sure that the Camaro has drum brakes and not rear disc brakes. You can only make hand brake adjustments on Camaros that have drum brakes.

Tools Used: 2 wheel chocks, Jack, 2 jack stands, Wrench

Adjust Emergency Parking Brake

Engage the emergency hand parking brake by lifting it up until you hear it click twice.

Put a wheel chock in front of each of the front wheels to keep the vehicle from sliding forward.

Slide the jack under the rear end of the back of your Camaro and jack up the vehicle until the rear wheels are up off the ground enough so that you can slip jack stands under the car and next to each wheel. Lower the car back down until it is resting on the jack stands.

Get underneath the car and find the point where the brake cables meet in the middle between the two rear wheels. Find the cable nut and tighten it with a wrench. Spin the left rear wheel in a forward direction and keep tightening the nut until you cannot spin the tire forward any longer. Make sure that tire will spin backward freely.

Press the button on the hand brake and lift it up a little, then push it down, releasing it all the way.

Spin both of the back wheels both forward and backward to make sure they spin freely in both directions.

Raise the vehicle with the jack, remove the jack stands, then lower the Camaro to the ground. Remove the wheel chocks.

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