How to Install a Town & Country Cabin Air Filter

If the air coming in through the vents of your Town & Country is starting to feel weak or smell odd, it could be that your cabin air filter is just clogged with dust, dirt or even dried leaves. The cabin air filter is what cleans the passenger compartment air and it needs to be replaced about as often as the engine air filter. Fortunately, replacing this filter is a very quick and easy job on the Town & Country and no tools are required.

Step 1 - Get down on the floor of the front passenger's side of the vehicle and look up underneath the dash. You should see a plastic removable door that is slightly larger than the replacement filter. Squeeze the tabs on both sides of this door and pull it off.

Step 2 - Slide the cabin air filter housing downward out of this slot, then pull the old filter off of the housing.

Step 3 - Put the new filter in the housing, making sure that the arrows on the side of the new filter point to the left, toward the steering wheel.

Step 4 - Slide the housing up into the slot beneath the dash.

Replace the removable door, which will make two audible clicks when it locks into place.

TIPS: Different cabin air filters have different replacement schedules, so check the packaging on your new filter to see when it should be replaced. As a general rule, though, replacement cycles are shorter in areas that are very dusty, dirty or sandy.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Replacement cabin air filter designed to fit the Chrysler Town & Country

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