How to Replace the Fuel Pump on a 1984 Ford Tioga

The Ford Tioga E-350 is a class C motor home made by Fleetwood. The 1984 Ford Tioga E-350 comes equipped with two different electric fuel pumps for fuel-injected models, a low pressure pump and a high pressure pump. The low pressure pump is located in the fuel tank and the high pressure pump is located on the frame of the vehicle. For fuel pumps located in the tank, fuel tank removal is necessary. Fuel pumps located on the frame can be reached from under the vehicle. Before a fuel pump is removed, always relieve system pressure at the manifold.

Tools Used: Socket set, Jack, Jack stands, Screwdriver

Replace the Fuel Pump

Replacing a Fuel Pump Located in Fuel Tank

Locate the battery under the hood of the 1984 Ford Tioga E-350. Using a socket wrench, disconnect the negative battery cable. Depressurize the fuel system at the manifold valve stem and drain the fuel. Jack the vehicle up and support it on jack stands. With Ford Tioga dual tanks models, disconnect the ground wire at each tank.

Use a screwdriver to disconnect the fuel supply and the return and vent lines at the fuel tank. Locate the wiring connection to the fuel pump, then unplug. Support the fuel tank with a board on a jack. Use a socket wrench to loosen and remove the fuel tank mounting straps. Once the mounting straps are moved, lower the fuel tank from the vehicle.

Clean the outside of the retaining ring and mounting frame. Remove the fuel pump lock ring by turning counterclockwise. Pull the fuel pump from the tank. Lightly apply a coat of grease to the mounting surfaces and the new sealing ring. Install the new fuel pump. Turn the fuel pump lock ring clockwise to lock the fuel pump into the tank.

Raise the fuel tank back into position. Reattach the fuel tank mounting straps and then tighten with a socket wrench. Connect the fuel lines and wiring connection squeezing each connection together until it locks into place. Remove jack stands and lower vehicle.

Replacing a Fuel Pump Located on the Frame

Locate the battery under the hood. Using a socket wrench, disconnect the negative battery cable. At the manifold valve, depressurize the fuel system. Jack the rear-end of the vehicle up and then provide stabilization by placing on jack stands.

Locate the fuel pump on the frame near the rear wheel. Unplug the positive and negative electric lines at the pump. Use a screwdriver to disconnect the inlet and outlet fuel lines; plug the fuel lines to prevent leaking. Using a socket wrench, remove the fuel pump mounting bracket.

Remove the fuel pump from the mounting bracket. Compare the new fuel pump to the one to ensure the correct part replacement. Install the new fuel pump into the mounting bracket. Use a socket wrench to install the fuel pump to the frame.

Plug the electric connections to the fuel pump, making sure the red wire goes to a positive terminal and the brown wire goes to the negative terminal. Reconnect the fuel lines, ensuring a secure connection. Remove the jack stands and lower the vehicle.

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