How to Replace the Fuel Pump on a 1987 Mercedes 560 SEL

The 1987 Mercedes 560 SEL has an electronic fuel pump submerged in the gasoline tank on the bottom of the car. Unlike some other Mercedes vehicles, the 560 SEL does not feature an entry panel in the trunk or through the rear seat to access the fuel pump. Still, removing and replacing the fuel pump is a rather straightforward, though tedious, task. Expect to spend about an hour on the job.

Tools Used: Syphon kit, Gas can, Car jack, Tire iron, Jack stands, Floor jack, Screwdriver, Socket wrench set, Replacement fuel pump part number W0133-1707517

Put a Fuel Pump

Open the passenger side gas filler cap. Insert the nozzle of the syphon through the filler pipe. Syphon out the gasoline from the tank into the gas can. This action makes it much easier and safer to remove the gas tank later.

Prop open the hood. Open the fuse and relay box in the engine bay. Pull out the fuel pump relay according to the diagram on the cover of the box. This action ensures a safe working environment when handling electrical components on the Mercedes.

Raise the vehicle with your car jack. Slide two jack stands below the 560. Rest the 560 on the jack stands. Slide the floor jack below the gasoline tank.

Loosen the screw on the collars of the two hoses attached to the gasoline tank with your screwdriver. Pull off the hoses.

Remove one of the bolts holding the gasoline tank strap against the tank. That loosened end of the tank should fall on the floor jack. Reach above the tank to the fuel pump. Remove the EVAP hose, the wiring harness and the fuel return line.

Remove the bolt holding in the other strap for the gasoline tank. Let the gasoline tank rest on the floor jack.

Hit the metal ring holding the fuel pump in the gasoline tank with your mallet and chisel. Hit the tabs of the metal ring that are secured in the slots of the gasoline tank. Pull out the ring when it is loose of the sockets. Grab the fuel pump. Pull it out of the gasoline tank. Pull off the old O-ring from around the opening of the gasoline tank.

Lay the new O-ring from the new fuel pump packaging on the opening of the gasoline tank. Place the new fuel pump into the gasoline tank. Orient the stems and fittings of the fuel pump top in the same direction the previous fittings of the old fuel pump were oriented. Place the metal ring around the fuel pump top. Strike the tabs of the metal ring into the slots of the gasoline tank to set them.

Press the gasoline tank back against the frame of the 560. Hold in place while securing one of the straps. Let the other end rest on the floor jack. Attach the EVAP line, wiring connection and fuel return line to the new fuel pump. Reattach the second strap. Reattach the vent and fuel hose to the gasoline tank that you removed earlier. Replace the fuel pump relay. Fill the gasoline tank with the gasoline you syphoned out earlier. Lower the 560.

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