How to Remove an Ignition Switch on a 1988 Ford Crown Victoria

The ignition switch on a 1988 Ford Crown Victoria is a remote type situated on the top lower part of the steering column. The switch is activated by a rod connected to the ignition switch tumbler. The ignition tumbler pushes and pulls the rod which, in turn, has a 90-degree bend at the ignition switch. The bent part of the rod enters a hole in the bottom of the switch. The lateral movement of the rod changes the position of the switch.

Tools Used: Ratchet, Set of sockets, Pocket screwdriver

Remove an Ignition Switch

Remove the lower valance (the cover on the lower part of the dash under the steering column) with a socket to gain access to the top of the lower steering column. Raise the hood and disconnect the negative cable on the battery with a socket.

Turn the ignition key to the "Run" position. Unplug the electrical connector from the ignition switch under the dash on the top of the lower part of the steering column. Use a small screwdriver to lift the retaining clip and pull the plug out of the switch.

Remove the two small retaining nuts securing the ignition switch to the steering column. Lift the switch straight up to remove it. Compare the new switch position with the old switch. Use the small screwdriver to move the new switch position to match the position of the old switch.

Place the new switch over the pin protruding from the steering column. Be careful as the switch is lowered over the pin so the pin enters the hole in the switch. Install and tighten the two securing nuts on the ignition switch.

Plug the electrical connector into the new switch. Reinstall the lower dash valance under the steering wheel. Reconnect the negative battery cable and tighten it with the socket.

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