How to Remove the Starter on a 1988 Toyota Corolla FX

The starter is an electrical motor controlled by the starter solenoid that turns the engine flywheel to start the engine combustion process. Over time, the starter motor in your 1988 Corolla FX can stop working. A bad starter leads to the inability to start the engine, making your vehicle unreliable. You can recognize a bad starter by a constant "clicking" sound when you try to start the car. Removing the starter from your 1988 Corolla is a do-it-yourself project that requires a few standard tools.

Tools Used: Hydraulic jack, Jack stands, Ratchet, Safety glasses

Remove the Starter

Park the vehicle on a level flat surface, and turn off the engine. Raise the hood, and support it with the hood rod.

Place the vehicle in first gear if it's a manual transmission or in "Park" if it's an automatic transmission. Engage the emergency brake.

Place a hydraulic jack at the front jack point, beneath the front crossbeam, and raise the vehicle up.

Place jack stands on the side jack points behind the two front wheels. Lower the vehicle slowly onto the jack stands so the stands support the full weight of the car. Remove the hydraulic jack.

Unscrew the bolt securing the negative cable to the battery using a ratchet. Wear safety glasses for added protection while disconnecting the battery.

Slide beneath the vehicle, and locate the starter. The starter is directly below the intake manifold and bolts up to the transmission, beneath the engine.

Remove the bolt securing the electrical connection from the battery to the starter using a ratchet. Disconnect the electrical cable.

Disconnect the starter solenoid cable by unplugging the connector.

Remove the two starter mounting bolts at the base of the starter using a ratchet. Remove the starter assembly.

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