1988 Chevrolet Corsica Rubber Valve Cover Gasket Installation

The rubber valve cover gasket on a 1988 Corsica should be replaced when you notice it leaking. Because of the heat from the engine, the rubber gasket eventually dries out, causing oil to leak down the side of the engine. The exhaust is below the valve cover. If enough oil leaks and cakes up on or near the exhaust, it may catch fire. The valve cover gasket covers the valve assembly on the head of the engine. It has the oil fill cap and a PCV valve on the top.

Tools Used: ¼-inch drive ratchet, Set of ¼-inch drive sockets, Set of wrenches, Common screwdriver

Install Rubber Valve Cover Gasket

Remove the air duct between the air cleaner and the throttle body, using a screwdriver. Remove the bolt in the bracket on top of the valve cover that secures the throttle, TV cable and the cruise control cable.

Remove the PCV hose from the top of the valve cover. Remove all the bolts in the valve cover, using a 10mm socket.

Pry the valve cover up enough to get a grip on it and lift it off the engine. Clean all old gasket material off the underside of the valve cover.

Install the gasket on the valve cover, pushing the little tabs on the rubber gasket into the cover. Install the valve cover with its new rubber gasket and tighten all the bolts using a 10mm socket. Replace the remaining items in reverse order of removal.

Tips & Warnings

Any foreign object that falls into the engine when the valve cover is removed could cause damage to the engine. If silicone is used to reinforce the gasket, make sure than no silicone gets into the valve assembly, as it could block an oil return passage.

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