How to Change the Wheel Stud on a 1987 Toyota 4Runner

The wheel stud on your Toyota 4Runner is the post that you attach lug nuts to to hold your tires on. The wheel studs mount through your wheel stud holes. Over time, the wheel studs can crack or otherwise be damaged. If this happens, you will want to change the wheel stud immediately. To access the wheel studs on your 4Runner, you will have to remove the front or rear brakes, depending on which wheel you have the broken wheel stud on.

Tools Used: Lug wrench, Jack, Jack stand, Socket set, Bungee cord

Change Wheel Stud

Front-wheel Stud Replacement

Put your emergency brake on. Loosen the lug nuts on the tire you will need to change the wheel stud on.

Jack up the front end of your 4Runner. Insert your jack stands under the frame and lower the 4Runner down onto the jack stands.

Remove the lug nuts on the tire you are working on, then pull the tire off.

Locate the two brake caliper retaining bolts on the inside of the caliper arm. Remove them with your socket set. Hook the bungee cord to your caliper arm and suspend the caliper from the frame so that you do not exert excessive pressure on your brake lines. Such pressure can damage or break your brake lines.

Slide your front rotor off.

Use a rubber mallet to knock your old wheel stud out. Tap on the front of the wheel stud to knock it backward. Once it is loose, remove the old wheel stud.

Slip the replacement wheel stud through the wheel stud hole from behind. Hand-start your lug nut over the new wheel stud. Use the lug wrench to tighten the wheel stud and fasten it into place. As you tighten the lug, the pressure will pull the wheel stud forward until it is seated properly. Once tightened the rear of the new wheel stud should sit flush against the wheel stud hole.

Replace your brake rotor and the brake caliper arm. Replace the caliper arm retaining bolts with your socket set.

Replace your tire and lug nuts and jack up the 4Runner some. Slide out the jack stands and lower your vehicle down to the ground.

Rear-wheel Stud Replacement

Loosen the lug nuts on the rear tire you will be changing the wheel stud arm on.

Jack up the rear end and put jack stands in place under the frame. Seat your 4Runner firmly on the jack stand and lower it.

Remove your lug nuts and rear tire.

Pull the rear brake drum off. If you need to, tap it with the rubber mallet to knock it loose.

Find the wheel stud you want to replace and bang it in with your rubber mallet. Once it's loose, pull it out from behind. Slide the new wheel stud into the wheel stud hole from behind. Attach your lug nut and tighten it until the replacement wheel stud is seated firmly in place. Remove the lug nut.

Replace your brake drum. Replace rear tire and lug nuts. Lower your vehicle from the jack.

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