How to Replace a Fuel Filler Pipe Seal on a 1989 Ford Mustang GT

The seal around the fuel filler neck at the point where it enters the fuel tank may develop cracks and tears over time. This can result in fuel leaks when you add fuel to the tank and when the level of fuel in the tank is above the seal. Replacement of the seal requires the removal of the tank. The average home mechanic can complete this repair in an afternoon with the proper tools and equipment.

Tools Used: Wheel chocks, Floor jack, Jack stands, Wood block, Wrench set, Socket set, Screwdriver set, Silicon grease, Ford fuel line disconnect tool set

Replace a Fuel Filler Pipe Seal

Wedge wheel chocks securely in front of and behind the front wheels of the Mustang. Raise and support the back of the car using a floor jack to lift the rear differential and jack stands located under the rear axles. Lower the car onto the stands and remove the floor jack.

Open the fuel door on the passenger side rear quarter panel of the Mustang GT. Remove the screws that attach the fuel filler neck to the body of the car using a socket and ratchet.

Support the fuel tank lifting slightly with a floor jack and wood block placed between the jack and tank. Remove the 15 mm bolts that attach the tank straps to the frame of the car. Lower the floor jack about 4 inches and unplug the electrical connector and fuel lines from the fuel pump assembly located on top of the Mustang's fuel tank.

Unbolt the filler neck retainer from the edge of the tank using a socket and ratchet. Lower the tank and slide the filler neck from the tank seal. Pry the old tank seal from the side of the tank using a screwdriver.

Install the new seal using a dab of silicon grease to lubricate it as you snap it into place. Apply a thin layer of silicon grease to the inside of the seal and slide the filler neck into the tank through the seal.

Raise the tank into place using the floor jack and block of wood. Reinstall the electrical connector and fuel lines on the fuel pump assembly. Lift the tank against the underside of the Mustang and reinstall the tank straps.

Reattach the filler neck to the body using the original screws. Prime the fuel system by cycling the ignition key off and on three times. Start the engine and check for leaks before lowering the rear of the Mustang to the ground.

Tips & Warnings

Wear safety glasses and work gloves to prevent serious injuries.

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