How to Change a Nissan Murano's Oil

The Murano was Nissan's first mid-sized crossover SUV. It was available with front- or all-wheel drive. It was also the first of the Nissan lineup to come equipped with a continuously variable transmission. This provides a smoother ride as well as better fuel economy. Originally equipped with the 3.5-liter V-6 producing 245 horsepower, by 2014 the engine's output had been boosted to 265 horsepower. Nissan recommends any quality synthetic blend oil when you do an oil and filter change on your 2014 Murano.

Step 1 - Place the wheel chocks behind the rear wheels, open the hood and remove the oil fill cap. Place the floor jack under the jacking point just behind the front wheel and lift the car. Place the jack stand under the notch in the floor-to-body seam. Slowly lower the car onto the jack stand and remove the jack. Use the same procedure for the other side.

Step 2 - Put the drain pan under the drain plug on the passenger side of the engine. Remove the drain plug with a 14 mm socket and allow the oil to drain. Locate the oil filter on the passenger side of the engine and turn it counterclockwise with the oil filter wrench. Have rags handy because oil will drip down the filter. Check the old filter to make sure the seal came off with it, and then upend the filter into the drain pan.

Step 3 - Use a finger to put a light coat of oil on the new oil filter seal. Thread the filter on by hand until the seal touches, then turn it 3/4 turn more. Install the oil drain plug and torque it to 25 foot-pounds.

Lower the vehicle and add 4.8 quarts of oil to the engine. Start the engine and let it run for 30 seconds. Turn it off, check for leaks, and check the oil level. Add oil if needed to reach the full level on the dipstick.

TIPS: Most garages and auto parts stores will accept used engine oil for recycling.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Floor jack, Jack stands, 3/8-drive-metric socket set, 3/8-drive-ratchet, 3/8-drive, 3-inch extension, 3.15-inch cup oil filter wrench, 5 quarts 5-W30 motor oil, Drain pan, Shop rags, Funnel, Torque wrench, Wheel chocks

WARNINGS: Change the oil on a cold engine to avoid burns.

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