How to Make an Infinity G35 Faster

The Infiniti G35 is based on the sporty Nissan Z platform and is available as a sedan or as a coupe. In stock form, the G35 is an impressive car thanks to its sports tuned suspension and powerful V6 engine. But this is also a heavy, luxury oriented vehicle. The G35 coupe and sedan are great starting points for a fast car that is also very fun to drive. There is a large aftermarket catering to enthusiasts who desire to make their G35s faster.

Step 1 - Install a larger diameter exhaust. This is one of the most common methods to increase a vehicle's power and the G35 is not an exception. A larger diameter exhaust can be installed from the catalytic converter back (so emissions compliance is retained) which will allow the G35's engine to make more power, which in turn makes it faster.

Step 2 - Replace the stock manifolds with headers and the stock catalytic converters with high-flow catalytic converters. Manifolds are relatively restrictive thanks to their cast design. A set of tubular headers will get spent exhaust gasses out of the engine more quickly, as will high-flow catalytic converters.

Step 3 - Replace the air box with a cold air intake. Incoming air is channeled through an air box before entering the intake. The air box is relatively restrictive. Replacing the air box with a cold air intake delivers additional air to the engine thanks to the larger diameter tubing and large cone filter on the end of it.

Step 4 - Install an intake plenum spacer. The G35's intake manifold volume can be enlarged with the installation of a spacer. The more air the intake plenum can hold, the more power the G35's engine can make.

Step 5 - Reprogram the engine's computer. This is another common method to make a G35 faster. The stock settings that control the engine are conservative. Reprogramming the ECU will allow the engine to receive more air, fuel and emanate more power.

Step 6 - Upgrade the handling. A faster car is not faster in a straight line, but around corners as well. A heavy, luxurious car like the G35 in particular will take very well to a lower, stiffer suspension and will allow it to corner quicker.

Step 7 - Install performance wheels and tires. Replacing the G35's stock wheels and tires with lighter aftermarket alloys and stickier tires will help it handle much better and make it faster overall.

Eliminate weight. The G35 is an upscale luxury car with strong performance and is pretty heavy. While you don't want to go too crazy with weight reduction, there are a few ways to eliminate excess pounds and get more speed from the G35. A carbon fiber hood and trunk will save weight, as will lighter racing seats in lieu of the heavy original seats.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Socket set and ratchet, Specialty automotive tools

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