How to Make a V8 Engine Get Better Gas Mileage

The modern V8 engine is capable of returning excellent fuel economy both on the highway and in the city. However, there are things you can do to maximize your miles per gallon. When it comes to fuel economy, little things add up, therefore it is important to make sure that you are considering how your driving style and maintenance patterns affect your gas mileage.

Step 1 - Avoid hard acceleration. Hard acceleration can cause a V8 engine to use a tremendous amount of fuel, in some cases, dipping into the single digits with regard to miles per gallon. Smooth and gentle acceleration will improve your gas mileage considerably.

Step 2 - Don't speed. V8 engines produce a lot of power, and the temptation to take advantage of this extra power can lead to driving at excessive speeds. By driving at the speed limit, you will attain the maximum possible fuel economy. To further enhance miles per gallon, use the cruise control when possible.

Step 3 - Make sure that your engine is serviced at the recommended intervals. Keeping your V8 engine tuned, and changing the oil and filter regularly will ensure that the engine is operating at its maximum possible efficiency, leading to dramatically improved fuel economy.

Step 4 - Use the recommended fuel. If your V8 engine needs premium fuel, use it. Your engine will run on a lesser grade of gasoline; however, it will run at reduced performance and fuel economy. Always use the octane specified by the manufacturer.

Do not idle the engine unnecessarily. Turn the engine off when the vehicle is not in motion for an extended period.

TIPS: Be wary of fuel and engine oil additives that claim to improve fuel economy. Many of these additives have been shown to have little to no effect. Do your research before purchasing.

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