How to Recharge a 2001 Ford Windstar AC?

Your 2001 Ford Windstar uses R134a refrigerant to keep your air conditioner running cool. Because your vehicle uses the latest government-approved refrigerant, you can purchase a refill kit that consists of a bottle of R134a, a service hose and a pressure gauge. Ensure the kit you purchase has the pressure gauge built into the hose, which will make recharging your Windstar AC quick and easy.

Step 1 - Thread the service hose onto the top of the bottle of R134a. Turn the valve clockwise to puncture the seal on the top of the bottle. Turn the valve counterclockwise to expel air out of the service hose and then turn the bottle clockwise to close the valve.

Step 2 - Park the vehicle and turn off its ignition. Open and secure the hood. Locate the two silver hoses that connect to the air compressor mounted to the passenger side firewall. Each hose has a black cap. Remove the smaller cap. This exposes the low-side valve.

Step 3 - Thread the other end of the service hose onto the low-side valve.

Step 4 - Turn on your Windstar and turn on and set the air conditioner on the maximum setting.

Step 5 - Open the valve on the service hose. The air compressor will draw the refrigerant out of the bottle. Watch the pressure gauge. Close the valve when the gauge reaches 30psi or when the gauge stops moving higher. If the gauge stops moving higher but does not reach 30psi, attach a new bottle of R134a and add more refrigerant to the system. Complete this process until the gauge reaches 30psi.

Turn off the Windstar and remove the service hose from the low-side valve. Place the cap back onto the low-side valve.

TIPS: You can buy AC recharge kits at most automotive part retailers.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: AC recharge kit

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