How to Remove the Fuel Pump on a 1989 GMC Suburban

The 1989 GMC Suburban has a similar fuel setup to the Chevrolet and Holden Suburbans, which use the C/K truck under chassis. Unlike some vehicles, the 1989 Suburban does not have a quick access panel to the fuel pump, which means that the gas tank, in which the fuel pump resides, needs to be removed to remove the fuel pump. Although this task takes at least an hour to do, it is straightforward.

Tools Used: Latex gloves, Siphon, Gas can, Manual or hydraulic jack, Jack stands, Floor jack, Screwdrivers, Socket wrench set, Mallet, Chisel, New fuel pump part #AFE3634S

Remove the Fuel Pump

Prop open the hood of your Suburban. Disconnect the negative battery cable and the fuel pump fuse and relay in the fuse and relay box.

Open the gas filler cap. Siphon out the gas from the gas tank with the siphon pump and gas cans.

Put on the emergency parking brake. Raise the Suburban with the jack. Set the Suburban on jack stands.

Put on latex gloves. Disconnect the vent and fuel filler hose from the gas tank with a screwdriver. Loosen the screw on the hose collars. Pull the collars down. Pull the hoses off of their fittings.

Place the floor jack below the gas tank. Remove one strap securing the tank. Lower the tank onto the floor jack.

Remove the fuel outlet tube from the fuel pump. Remove the EVAP tube from the fuel pump. Remove the wiring harness from the fuel pump. Remove the fuel return tube from the fuel pump.

Remove the last strap holding the tank to the Suburban. Set the tank onto the floor jack. Push the floor jack away from below the Suburban.

Remove the locking ring keeping the fuel pump in place. Hit the arms of the locking ring with the hammer and chisel to dislodge them from the slots on the fuel tank. Remove the locking ring. Pull out the fuel pump.

Tips & Warnings

Take the proper safety measures when working with electrical equipment and gasoline.

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