How to Replace Bulb on Turn Signal on 1989 Honda Accord

Turn signals serve as a warning to other drivers as to your intentions. Proper operation of the light is considered a safety feature. Most states will not pass a vehicle through inspection if one of the turn signals is inoperable. The 1989 Honda Accord uses a combination of two assemblies, one the front and one on the rear, to flash the turn signals. Replacing any of the turn signals requires a screwdriver and a replacement bulb.

Tools Used: Screwdriver, Replacement bulb, Turn signal assembly gasket

Replace Bulb on Turn Signal

Remove the two retaining screws on the front, lower turn signal, to remove the lamp cover. Twist the bulb counterclockwise, and remove.

Remove the two retaining screws on the side marker adjacent to the headlamp, and pull the lamp free. It will swing out to disconnect from the vehicle body. The bulb is removed in the same manner as the lower, front turn signal.

Lift the cover in the trunk behind the rear turn signal. Twist the socket in a counterclockwise direction to pull it from the fixture. The bulb removes in the same manner as the others.

Check the rubber gaskets on the front, lower and front, side markers, before reinstalling. Replace the gasket, if necessary. Replacements are available from any auto parts retailer.

Push the bulb into the socket, and twist, clockwise, to lock it into place. Reinsert the rear socket into the the housing, and twist the socket clockwise to seat it. Reinstall the covers in the reverse steps of their removal.

Tips & Warnings

Each turn signal uses the same bulb, a SAE 194.

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