How Do I Install a CD Player in a Mercury Marquis?

Owners of the Mercury Marquis may choose to install an aftermarket stereo to replace their malfunctioning factory unit or to upgrade to a more powerful stereo deck. First you must remove the stock stereo unit. Use Ford DIN tools to easily remove the factory stereo. Disconnect the wiring connectors and antenna cable from the back of the deck to make the Marquis' stereo dock ready for installation of the new CD player.

Step 1 - Turn the engine off and pop the hood. Move to the front of the Mercury and lift the hood. Loosen the bolt on the negative battery cable clamp with a 10 mm wrench. Lift the cable from the battery terminal and set it aside until the new CD player is installed.

Step 2 - Slide the Ford installation kit faceplate adapter into the empty stereo mounting dock. Pull the stereo wiring and antenna cable from the back of the dock to the front of the faceplate adapter.

Step 3 - Plug the Marquis' stereo wiring connectors into the wiring harness adapter leads. Plug the wiring harness adapter lead connectors into the corresponding outlets on the back of the new CD player. Plug the antenna cable into the outlet marked "FM ANT" on the rear panel of the CD player.

Step 4 - Slide the CD player into the faceplate adapter until it snaps into place.

Reposition the negative battery cable clamp over the negative battery terminal post. Tighten the bolt with the 10 mm wrench. Close the Mercury's hood.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: 10 mm wrench, Ford aftermarket stereo installation kit (including faceplate adapter), Wiring harness adapter

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