How to Unlock Toyota Radios

Many Toyota vehicles have anti-theft devices connected to the factory-installed radio system. If the radio is removed from the Toyota, the anti-theft device activates and locks the radio. Disconnecting the radio from the battery power may also cause the radio to lock. The radio cannot be used until it is unlocked. Each Toyota with an anti-theft radio has a unique unlock code that was provided with the vehicle when it was first purchased. If you no longer have the code, contact a Toyota dealer to have it looked up.

Step 1 - Turn the ignition switch on.

Step 2 - Press the power button on the radio.

Step 3 - Press and hold preset button number 1.

Step 4 - Press and hold the "Tune up" button.

Step 5 - Release both buttons when "---" appears in the display.

Step 6 - Press the numbered preset buttons to enter the unlock code. The radio powers down when the last digit of the code is entered.

Press the power button on the radio. The radio unlocks as it turns on.


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