How Do I Change the Radio in My Chrysler Sebring JXi 2000?

The 2000 Chrysler Sebring JXi is factory-equipped with two possible sound systems. While the standard model has a receiver with AM/FM and a cassette player, the "Limited" model includes an in-dash six-CD changer and an Infinity amplifier located under the passenger seat. However, if you wish to upgrade your sound system, the same receivers will fit in either model. While the procedure varies, according to your current configuration, replacing the head unit should go smoothly.

STEP 1 - Remove the dash trim surrounding the head unit and climate control buttons by carefully prying it out with a blunt, flat object that won't scratch the plastic. The trim is held in place by friction with clips and there are no screws to remove. Remove the 8 mm bolts visible around the head unit. Detach the cables leading from the head unit, including the wires leading to the speakers or amplifier, the thin black antenna wire and the optional round cable connecting to the CD changer.

STEP 2 - Compare the wiring of your old unit to the output jacks of your new unit. If they are not compatible, you will have to splice a wiring harness to the output cables from your new unit to connect to the car's system. Essentially, this turns two electrical outputs into six (or more). The wiring harness should come with a diagram detailing which wires should be routed to which outputs. For best results, solder the wires together and insulate with electrical tape.

STEP 3 - Connect the wiring harness to the original head unit's output wires. Attach the output cables and the antenna wire to the head unit and slide it into the dash. If your head unit requires an installation kit for an exact fit, follow the included instructions. If possible, reinstall the 8 mm bolts. Carefully position the dash trim and gently push until it snaps into place.

STEP 4 - Test your new unit. If the radio does not work, remove the head unit and check the connection to the antenna wire. If problems persist, check for a signal from each of the wiring harness pin slots with a voltmeter.

TIPS: If you are confident in your abilities and are equipped with an OEM wiring diagram, the head unit output cables can be spliced directly to the original wiring. However, this is ill-advised, as it would be very hard to undo.

If your Sebring is equipped with a CD changer that you no longer wish to use, you can remove it to clear space under the dash. To remove the CD changer, you will have to completely remove the car dash by unscrewing its retaining bolts (located in the holes around the dash and in the fuse compartment left of the steering wheel) and carefully pull it off from around the steering wheel. Remove the screws attaching the CD changer housing to the bottom of the climate control switch panel and pull the changer forward out of the dash. To remove the metal bracket, locate and remove the bolts that extend up behind the dash near to where the head unit is prior to installing the new unit.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: New head unit and cables, Socket wrench, 8 mm socket, Wiring harness (optional), Knife (optional), Soldering iron (optional), Electrical tape (optional)

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