How to Install Subwoofer in Oldsmobile Alero

Get great bass from your Oldsmobile Alero by installing a subwoofer in the trunk. Subwoofers are vital for you to get the maximum bass from your stereo system. You can go with either a powered or an unpowered subwoofer. The unpowered subwoofer requires an amplifier to make it work, whereas the powered subwoofer can work without one. If you plan on upgrading a lot of stereo equipment then it is probably worth investing in an amplifier but if all you want is killer bass then a powered subwoofer will probably fit the bill.

Step 1 - Measure the area in the trunk of your Alero. There is a lot of trunk space so decide how much you're willing to give up for your subwoofer and write down the measurements.

Step 2 - Choose your subwoofer box. The trunk of the Oldsmobile Alero is large enough that you can probably use an off-the-shelf solution without wasting too much space and it's a lot quicker and simpler than building a custom subwoofer box.

Step 3 - Mount the subwoofer speaker in your chosen subwoofer box. If you purchased a pre-built box then the subwoofer may already be mounted. If not, connect the wires from the speaker to the terminal cap inside the box, then screw the speaker into place.

Step 4 - Glue two strips of 2-inch Velcro to the bottom of the speaker box, running along the long sides. Glue the other side of the strips to the carpet in the trunk using the fabric glue.

Step 5 - Run the wires from the head unit or the amplifier into the trunk while you're waiting for the fabric glue to dry. Pry off the trim using your fingers or a small screwdriver. Most will just pop off. You can have the wire go along the center console, then under the rear carpet and under the rear seats to the trunk or behind the glove compartment and under the door trim depending on where your amplifier and subwoofer box are mounted.

Step 6 - Place the subwoofer box onto the Velcro strips and attach the speaker wires to the back. Turn the stereo on to make sure everything works.

TIPS: Clean the carpet in the trunk before you attach the Velcro strips to make sure the fabric glue works properly.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Subwoofer, Subwoofer box, 2-inch wide Velcro, Fabric glue, Speaker wire

WARNINGS: Allow the fabric glue to dry well before driving the car or the box could become loose.

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