How to Get a Sticker Off of a Tinted Window

A tinted window is produced by attaching a very thin film of plastic over the window to make it darker. The surface is then heated to fuse the tint layer with the window. If a sticker is placed over the tinted portion of a window, removing the sticker without removing the tint on the window can be a tricky process. The best way to remove the sticker is to carefully try different removal methods until the sticker comes away from the window without damaging the tint underneath.

STEP 1 - Wet the sticker with warm soapy water. Sponge the mixture over the sticker and allow it to sit for about five minutes.

STEP 2 - Test the sticker to see if it comes away from the tinted window. Sometimes softening the sticker with water and soap is enough to loosen the sticker. If the sticker is still stuck tight, continue to the removal methods listed below.

STEP 3 - Cover the sticker with a degreasing cleanser. Use a strong formula that eats away grease and grime. Allow it to sit on the sticker for about five minutes. Do not allow the sticker to dry.

STEP 4 - Scrape the sticker off the window with the rubber scraper. If the sticker is still stubborn, spray the surface with a spray lubricant. Allow the lubricant to react with the sticker for about three to five minutes.

STEP 5 - Scrape away the sticker with the rubber scraper. If the sticker is still stubbornly stuck to the window, you might try using a razor blade. Using a razor blade on tinted windows is not recommended, because the razor can scrape the tint coating right off. Test the razor in a small area first to ensure it will not scrape the tint off the window.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Soap, Soft sponge, Rubber scraper, Degreasing cleanser, Spray lubricant, Razor, Soft rags

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