How to Remove the Glove Box on a 2001 Camry

The 2001 Camry's glove box functions not only as a storage space for small items, but also as an access panel to several electrical components, such as the heater assembly, the passenger's side air bag and the vehicle's cabin filter. To reach any of these components, the glove box must be removed. Fortunately, removing the glove box is easy to do and takes only a few minutes.

STEP 1 - Turn the ignition key to the "LOCK" position, then disconnect the negative battery cable from its terminal on the car's battery with a wrench. An air bag is located behind the glove box, and may inadvertently deploy as the glove box is being removed. Disconnecting the battery will turn off the air bag's electrical supply, thereby avoiding potential deployment.

STEP 2 - Allow at least two minutes to pass for the air bag's reserve power supply to fully discharge.

STEP 3 - Remove the four mounting bolts at the base of the exterior of the glove box with a wrench. There are two mounting bolts at each bottom corner.

STEP 4 - Open the glove box, then remove the final six mounting bolts which secure the glove box to the dashboard with a wrench.

STEP 5 - Withdraw the glove box from the dashboard slowly, as a wiring loom used for the air bag is attached to back of the glove box.

STEP 6 - Disconnect the air bag's wiring harness from the back of the glove box. The wiring harness is routed through three metal clips at the back of the glove box. Pry each clip open with a flathead screwdriver, then lift the wiring harness out of the clips. Do not unplug the wiring harness unless the air bag is to be replaced.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Wrench, Flathead screwdriver

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