How to Replace a Buick Regal Headlight Assembly Bulb

The Buick Regal headlights are accessible from beneath the hood of the car. You can replace the bulbs at home if one burns out. There is no need to take your Regal to a service center for repair, saving substantial cost. The Buick Regal uses 9006 low-beam bulbs and 9005 high-beam bulbs. Buy replacement bulbs for your Regal from an auto-parts store or Buick dealership.

Step 1 - Open the hood of your Buick Regal. Pull the two retaining tabs out of each side of the headlight assembly.

Step 2 - Pull the wiring harness connection off the headlight assembly. Slide the light assembly forward out of the front of the car.

Step 3 - Pull the rubber protective cover off the back of the headlamp bulb. Turn the bulb one quarter-turn counterclockwise and pull it straight back out of the assembly. Lift the locking tab on the bulb socket and pull the bulb straight out of the socket.

Step 4 - Insert the new bulb into the socket until the tab clicks in place. Replace the bulb in the headlight assembly, turning it one quarter-turn clockwise to lock it into the assembly. Push the rubber protective cover back onto the rear of the headlight bulb.

Step 5 - Reposition the headlight assembly inside the mounting area. Push the wiring harness connector together until it clicks. Insert the two retaining tabs, pressing them securely into place.

Step 6 - Repeat the process on the opposite light if needed. Close the hood and test your headlights.

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