How to Troubleshoot an Acura TL Headlight Problem

If the headlights on your Acura TL are malfunctioning, they should be fixed immediately. Faulty headlights can lead to reduced road vision, and oncoming drivers may not be able to see your vehicle on the road. The three most common causes of faulty headlights are loose electrical connections, old or burnt out bulbs, or a broken fuse. All three issues can be solved without going to the dealer or a mechanic, requiring just a few minutes of your time.

STEP 1 - Turn off the Acura's engine. Open the hood. Remove the eight screws securing the front bulkhead cover and remove the front bulkhead cover from the vehicle.

STEP 2 - Pull lightly on the electrical connector at the rear of the headlamp assembly. If the connector comes out, securely and firmly plug into the assembly.

STEP 3 - Remove the headlight bulb by rotating it counter-clockwise. Use a clean cloth to install the replacement bulb. Reattach the front bulkhead cover. If the headlights are still not working, there may be an issue with the fuse.

STEP 4 - Locate the primary under-hood fuse box on the driver's side. Remove the cover and locate the fuse numbered "3-2." If the metal piece inside the fuse is broken, it will need to be replaced.

STEP 5 - Use the fuse puller to remove the fuse. Replace it with an identical 40A fuse. Place the cover back onto the under-hood fuse box and close the hood.

TIPS: If you are still experiencing issues with the headlights, you should take your vehicle to a certified mechanic, as there may be a problem with the electrical system.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Phillips screwdriver, Clean cloth, Replacement HB3 bulb, Fuse puller, Replacement 40A fuse

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