How do I Replace a Thermostat 2.2L?

GM uses the 2.2 liter modular engine in many of its automobiles such as the Sunfire, Cavalier, Alero and Grand Am. It's considered GM's first "World Engine" because the company also uses it in vehicles such as the Opel Vectra, Astra and Zafira. These are all vehicles manufactured for European Countries. Since the engine is used in so many different vehicles, common repairs like replacing the thermostat are straight forward and relatively easy to complete.

STEP 1 - Place a large container under the location where the lower radiator hose connects to the radiator outlet. Squeeze the tension tabs of the radiator clamp together with a pair of pliers to release the clamp pressure on the hose. With the pressure released, pull the hose off the radiator inlet and drain the radiator fluid into the container.

STEP 2 - Follow the radiator hose to the location where it connects to the engine block. It's located below the throttle body.

STEP 3 - Remove the hose from the housing in the same manner as you did with the other end of the hose.

STEP 4 - Remove the two bolts that secure the housing to the engine block. A 14mm socket with extension bar makes it easier to reach the bolts.

STEP 5 - Pull the housing off the engine and discard the O-ring inside of the housing. Put a new O-ring into the housing.

STEP 6 - Pull the old thermostat out of the engine block. Replace it with a new one. One end of the thermostat has a large spring on it. Place the spring into the engine.

STEP 7 - Place the thermostat back onto the engine block and bolt it into place. The thermostat does not utilize a traditional gasket. Rather, GM relies on the O-ring to seal the thermostat housing.

STEP 8 - Slide the radiator hose back onto the housing and secure it with the clamp. Complete the same process with the radiator inlet and the other end of the hose.

STEP 9 - Fill the radiator with new coolant. Use a 50/50 mixture of radiator fluid and distilled water.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Large container, Pliers, 14mm socket, Extension bar, 2 gallons of radiator fluid, 2 gallons of distilled water

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