How to Drain Fuel From a Honda Accord Fuel Tank

The fuel tank in your Honda Accord may begin to rust or corrode over time due to condensation inside the tank. If you live in an area where the temperature changes drastically from the summer to winter, condensation can easily build up inside the tank. This also happens when you leave your Accord's gas tank less than half-full for extended periods of time. Once it starts to rust, you'll need to replace it. Replacement fuel tanks can be purchased from most auto parts stores. Once you have the new fuel tank, the first thing you need to do is drain the old tank in your Accord.

Step 1 - Open the fuel tank door in your Accord by pulling up on the fuel tank release lever inside the cabin on the floor on the left side of the driver's seat.

Step 2 - Open the gas tank door and push one end of the siphoning tubing down into the gas tank filler opening. Push the tubing down through the filler neck and into the tank.

Step 3 - Place the other end of the siphon tubing into the catch pan.

Step 4 - Squeeze the pump in the center of the tubing until you see gasoline coming up out of the gas tank. Once this happens, stop pumping. The suction created by the pump will create enough vacuum pressure to drain the tank.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Siphon kit, Catch pan

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