How to Replace Dodge Dakota Dash Lights

There are multiple light bulbs in your Dodge Dakota's dash board for the purpose of illuminating your consoles and other areas at night. These bulbs can have a very long life if they aren't on very often, but they will need replacing eventually. The main places with lights are inside the glove box and behind the instrument panel and the air conditioner/heater controls. The exact method of opening these panels to change the bulbs can vary depending on the exact year of the Dakota truck.

Heater/AC Light

STEP 1 - Remove the control assembly for the heater/air conditioner by prying off the trim bezel with a trim stick (it may have screws instead and electrical connectors) and removing the assembly's mounting screws with a screwdriver.

STEP 2 - Insert a small screwdriver into the bulb's mounting hole in the assembly and rotate the holder counterclockwise by a quarter turn. Turn the assembly upside down so the bulb falls out.

STEP 3 - Install the new bulb into the holder and rotate it clockwise to lock it in place.

STEP 4 - Re-connect the control assembly.

Instrument Panel Bezel Light

STEP 1 - Pry the retaining latch forward on the panel's light bulb housing to disengage it from the instrument panel. Look for the housing to swing down and pull it down from the panel.

STEP 2 - Open the light bulb housing by disengaging the lock tab at the top of the housing and sliding off the cover.

STEP 3 - Pull the light bulb out of the housing.

STEP 4 - Push the new bulb into the housing until it stops, then close the cover on the housing.

STEP 5 - Install the housing back into the instrument panel, making sure the retaining latch engages.

Glove Box Light

STEP 1 - Open the glove box's door. The bulb is usually located in the right front corner.

STEP 2 - Pull the bulb out toward the front of the truck.

STEP 3 - Install the replacement bulb by pushing it in until it is fully seated.

TIPS: Disconnect the truck's negative battery cable before you change any light bulbs.

Wear rubber or latex gloves when handling the replacement light bulbs and don't touch the glass with your bare fingers.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Trim stick, Small screwdriver, Rubber gloves, Dash light bulbs

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