How to Remove the Dash of a 2003 Ford Explorer

Removing the dashboard from your 2003 Ford Explorer is a challenging job that can take up to four hours. The only tools required are a socket wrench, a Phillips screwdriver, and a slotted screwdriver. Removing the dashboard mainly consists of removing various screws and bolts, so it is straightforward. Just be aware ahead of time that it is very time-consuming.

STEP 1 - Turn the Explorer's engine off and open the hood. Remove the negative battery terminal with the socket wrench.

STEP 2 - Remove the cup holders and the center storage shelves with a slotted screwdriver.

STEP 3 - Remove the two bolts under the center dashboard trim and the two bolts under the cup holders. Remove the four screws securing the center dash trim panel and pull it off.

STEP 4 - Remove the four screws behind the steering wheel to remove the steering wheel cover and air bag. Remove the single bolt holding the steering wheel to the steering column and remove the steering wheel. Remove the four bolts holding the steering column in place and remove it.

STEP 5 - Use a slotted screwdriver to pop out the headlamp switch panel, the emergency brake lever panel, and the hood latch panel.

STEP 6 - Remove the glove compartment by pressing in on its walls and pulling it off the dashboard.

STEP 7 - Use a slotted screwdriver to pop out all the air vents.

STEP 8 - Remove the two bolts above each kick panel. Pull the kick panels out of the vehicle. Remove the two screws revealed by removing the kick panels. Remove the two metal plates underneath the kick panels. On the driver's side of the vehicle, disconnect all five of the electrical wiring harnesses by pulling them apart.

STEP 9 - Remove the five bolts securing the dashboard to the vehicle. These bolts are located along the edge of the dashboard, near the windshield.

STEP 10 - Pull the dashboard off the Explorer and remove it from the vehicle.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Socket wrench, Slotted screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver

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