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How to Remove a Windshield Trim on a 1950 Buick

Buick in 1903. Buick vehicles have undergone quite a few changes over their 100-plus-year history. A rubber trim runs the entire inside perimeter of the windshield on your 1950 Buick; you must remove this trim before removing the windshield. You can cut it off and remove it from the windshield using a few simple tools found at any auto parts store. This fairly simple job should take you no more than 15 minutes to complete.

Tools Used: Safety goggles, Work gloves, Windshield knife, Slotted screwdriver

Remove Windshield Trim

Put on safety goggles and work gloves.

Place a windshield knife in the center of the weather stripping that runs around the windshield. Cut through this weather stripping all the way around the windshield.

Pull the trim away from the windshield using a slotted screwdriver to help pry it up as you pull on it.

Tips & Warnings

Some weather stripping leaves behind a sticky film on the edge of the windshield frame; you must use an additional adhesive-removing chemical to remove this film.

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