Wednesday, June 30, 2021

How to Install a Windshield on a 1953 Ford F-100 Pickup

You can install a windshield on your '53 Ford F-100 pickup right from home, with the help of an assistant. Save yourself some money by locating a quality, used windshield from an auto wrecking yard. Your Ford windshield not only protects you from road debris but it actually keeps the roof from caving in on you in the event of an accident. Therefore, it is vital to correctly install your windshield so that it can continue to protect you and your passengers.

Tools Used: Gasket, Replacement windshield, Petroleum jelly, Nylon cord, ½ inch thick, Windshield sealant, Assistant wearing work gloves

Install Windshield 

Place the new gasket in a warm, sunny place to make it more soft and flexible.

Fit the new gasket tightly around the replacement windshield. Make sure the gasket's slit faces outside the vehicle. Line a bead of sealant along the bottom channel all around the gasket.

Spread petroleum jelly into the outer groove of the gasket, adding some extra to the top and bottom center.

Line the outer groove of the gasket with a heavy nylon cord, leaving about a foot length on each end hanging out from the bottom center.

Place the windshield, with the help of your assistant, into the windshield frame from outside the pickup. Wear work gloves. Make sure you place the dangling cord inside the vehicle first.

Sit in the driver's seat while your helper is standing in front of the vehicle, facing the windshield. Pull on one cord end all the way around the frame. This will bring the gasket's rubber lip into the inside windshield frame. Have your helper press the gasket into the frame.

Allow the sealant to cure for 48 hours before driving the pickup.

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