1966 Dodge Charger Headlight Assembly Instructions

The headlights on a 1966 Dodge Charger are composed of a bulb, a socket, a retaining ring, and the headlamp assembly in which all the components are contained. Assembling the headlight is very simple and only requires a Phillips-head screwdriver. As the headlights are important for the safety of the driver, it is recommended that you never drive with malfunctioning headlights. The entire headlight assembly process takes only ten minutes.

Tools Used: Phillips-head screwdriver

Assemble Headlight

Turn off the Charger's engine and open the hood.

Remove the Charger's three retaining screws above the headlight assembly. At the rear of the assembly, disconnect the electrical cable by pulling it out.

Turn the retaining ring counterclockwise to remove it from the assembly. Pull the Charger's headlight socket out and rotate the bulb counterclockwise to pull it out of the socket. Replace the bulb if necessary.

Place the bulb back into the socket and twist it clockwise. Place the socket back into the assembly and place the retaining ring over the socket, rotating it clockwise to secure it to the assembly.

Reattach the electrical cable to the back of the headlight assembly. Reinstall the Charger's three headlight assembly retaining screws and close the hood.

Tips & Warnings

Use a clean cloth or a rag when handling the bulb as oils from your bare hands may damage the bulb.

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