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1995 Saturn Wagon L4 Clutch Disc Service and Repair

1995 Saturn Wagon L4-1.9L SOHC VIN 8

Clutch Disc: Service and Repair


1. Remove transaxle as outlined under "Transaxle, Replace." Refer to Transaxle Replace.

2. Remove release fork and bearing from transaxle by unsnapping fork from ball stud.

3. Slide release bearing from release fork, then check release bearing for excessive play or minimal drag, replace as required. Do not wash bearing in solvent.

4. Using a feeler gauge, measure between pressure plate and flywheel; 0.205-0.287 inch should be indicated. If not, replace clutch disc.

5. Remove pressure plate to flywheel attaching bolts in progressive crisscross pattern.

6. Remove pressure plate and clutch disc.


1. Install flywheel to crankshaft attaching bolts, then torque in order, to 59 ft. lbs.

2. Install clutch disc and pressure plate, with pressure plate yellow dot aligned with flywheel mark, then start pressure plate to flywheel bolts.

3. Install clutch disc alignment tool No. SA9145T or equivalent, until bottoms out in crankshaft. Download File PDF

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