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2004 Saturn Truck VUE 2WD V6-3.5L Lower Ball Joint Replacement

2004 Saturn Truck VUE 2WD V6-3.5L VIN 4 - Service and Repair

Lower Ball Joint Replacement

Removal Procedure

1. Remove the lower control arm.

2. Place the control arm in a vise or suitable holding device.

3. Remove the ball joint rivets using the following procedure.

3.1. Drill through the rivets using a 8 mm (5/16 in.) drill bit.

3.2. Enlarge the hole using a 12 mm (31/64 in.) drill bit.

3.3. Remove any remaining burs from the control arm.

4. Remove the ball joint from the control arm. Note the position of the ball joint for reassembly.

Installation Procedure

Important: The control arm must be clean and free of debris.

1. Install the ball joint to the control arm as previously noted. Notice: Refer to Fastener Notice in Cautions and Notices. Important: Download File PDF

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