How to Replace the Stop Light Switch on a 1986 Ford Pickup

Replacing a stop light switch on a 1986 Ford pickup is a fairly simple job for anyone with a solid grasp of basic auto repair. The switch mounts on a bracket right in front of the brake pedal arm. When you hit the brakes, the arm moves forward and activates the stop light switch, which turns on your brake lights. If all the brake lights fail at once, or if they stay on even when you're not pushing on the brake pedal, it's a safe wager that the stop light switch has shorted out.

Tools Used: Flashlight, Box wrench set

Replace the Stop Light Switch

Move into a position where you can easily see underneath the driver's side of the Ford pickup's dashboard. How you do this depends on your physical size and dexterity.

Shine the flashlight on the brake pedal arm to illuminate the stop light switch and the stop light switch mounting bracket. Unplug the Ford pickup's brake light wiring harness from the switch by hand.

Unbolt the stop light switch from the stop light switch mounting bracket using the box wrench set. Take the old switch down by hand and place the new switch on the bracket.

Bolt the new stop light switch to the bracket with the socket set. Plug the brake light wiring harness into the Ford pickup's new stop light switch by hand.

Tips & Warnings

It's advisable to have a friend step on the brake pedal while you verify the brake lights work before driving your Ford pickup for the first time after this repair.

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