How to Replace the Rotors on a 1986 Ford Ranger

The brake rotors on the 1986 Ford Ranger are secured to the wheel axles by four metal nuts and are supported by four metal rods. The wheels and brake calipers will need to be removed from the axle and rotor before you can remove the brake rotors from the axle. Not much in terms of tools or preparation are needed to complete this job, but you will need a basic knowledge of the 1986 Ford Ranger.

Tools Used: Tire tool, Jack, Jack stand, Wrench, Ratchet set, New brake rotor

Replace Rotors

Remove the wheel's securing nuts from the wheel using the tire tool. Raise the Ranger with the jack and rest the frame on jack stands. Remove the wheel from the Ford Ranger.

Loosen the brake caliper's securing nut using the wrench. Remove the brake caliper from the top of the Ford Ranger's brake rotor. Locate the four securing nuts in the middle of the Ford Ranger's brake rotor.

Remove all four securing nuts from the middle of the Ford Ranger's brake rotor using the ratchet set. Pull the Ford Ranger's brake rotor off of the axle. Slide the new brake rotor onto the axle. Replace and tighten the securing nuts for the new brake rotor.

Replace the Ford Ranger's brake caliper to the top of the new brake rotor. Tighten the securing nut on the brake caliper using the wrench. Replace the wheel to the axle. Replace the wheel's securing nuts. Lower the Ford Ranger back to the ground. Tighten the wheel's securing nuts.

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