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How to Replace Window Regulator on 1979 Ford F-Series

The 1979 Ford F-series pickup truck has a single-arm window regulator. The regulator remains a single arm in either power or manual. Most of the models have the regulator riveted into the door; you can replace these rivets with nuts and bolts if you do not have access to a large-diameter rivet gun. Remember that window regulators are year and model specific. Because regulators made for the left and right sides of the vehicle are not interchangeable, take care to purchase a replacement regulator for the correct side.

Tools Used: Slotted screwdriver, 90-degree scribe, Phillips screwdriver, Chisel, Hammer, Drill, Box of 1/4 -inch bolts and nuts, Wrench set

Replace Window Regulator

Insert a slotted screwdriver between the door panel and the back of the window crank handle. Pry the door panel back enough to wedge the scribe in behind the window crank and pull off the spring clip. Pull off the handle. Remove the screws in the armrest and the one behind the interior door handle using a Phillips screwdriver.

Insert your slotted screwdriver between the door panel and the door, and pry out all the plastic trim fasteners around the three sides of the door panel. Move the door panel away from the door enough to disconnect the wiring to the window switch from behind the door. Remove the door panel from the vehicle.

Peel the moisture shield away from the door to expose the window crank. Unplug the window motor harness if so equipped. Drill the center out of the three rivets securing the window regulator. Chisel the heads off the remaining part of the rivets using a chisel and a hammer.

Slide the window regulator toward the rear of the door to release the regulator arm from the window channel. Drill out the rivets securing the window motor to the window regulator. Install the motor in the new window regulator. Install the bolts and nuts in place of the rivets, and tighten them with a wrench.

Insert the window regulator into the opening in the door, and push the plastic roller on the end of the regulator arm into the horizontal channel under the window. Slide the arm with the roller in the horizontal track forward, and align the holes in the regulator with the holes in the door. Install the three bolts and nuts, and tighten them with a wrench.

Plug the window motor harness into the vehicle harness connector. Reinstall the moisture shield . Hold the door panel close to the door, and plug in all electrical connectors. Align the trim fasteners with their holes in the door, and push them in on all three sides of the door. Install the screws into the arm rest and the one into front of the door handle, and tighten with your Phillips screwdriver.

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