How to Replace the Fuel Pump on a 1986 Toyota MasterAce

The Toyota MasterAce is a van that Toyota marketed as the Toyota Van in North American markets. This vehicle was available from 1982 to 1989. All versions of the Toyota Van in the United States had fuel-injected engines. The fuel pump in the 1986 Toyota Van is attached to the fuel sending unit on the fuel tank. This requires you to remove the fuel tank before you can replace the fuel pump.

Tools Used: Hose, Gasoline container, Socket wrench set, Jack, Jack stands

Replace the Fuel Pump

Remove the cable from the battery's negative terminal with a socket wrench. This will prevent you from starting the engine accidentally while you are replacing the fuel pump. Place one end of a hose into the fuel tank and the other end into a container for gasoline. Siphon as much fuel as possible from the tank.

Raise the vehicle with a jack and support it on jack stands. Disconnect the fuel lines and electrical wiring from the fuel tank. Support the fuel tank with a jack and disconnect the mounting bolts for the fuel tank with a socket wrench. Detach the fuel tank from the vehicle and move the fuel tank to your work area.

Disconnect the mounting screws for the field pump on the fuel tank with a socket wrench. Remove the mounting plate for the fuel pump. Lift the fuel pump assembly out of the fuel tank.

Pull the fuel pump away from its lower mounting bracket. Disconnect the nuts on the fuel pump with a socket wrench. Detach the electrical wiring from the fuel pump and fuel lines from the fuel pump. Remove and discard the rubber gasket. Release the retaining clip for the fuel pump filter and detach the filter from the fuel pump.

Install the new fuel pump and gasket by performing steps 2 through 4 in reverse order. Fill the tank with fuel. Connect the negative battery terminal with a socket wrench. Start the engine and check for fuel leaks.

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