How to Replace the OBC Lights on a 1987 BMW 325i

Even the most carefully maintained cars will show their age over time, even your 1987 BMW 325i, and one of the ways they do this is by a darkening of the on-board computer lights. The once vibrant display on the on-board computer will dim as the tiny lights on the light bar burn out one by one. With a new part, a few tools and an hour of time, you can have the on-board computer in your 1987 BMW 325i shining brightly once again.

Tools Used: Replacement on-board computer light board, Duct tape, 2 mm Allen wrench, Small, flat head screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver

Replace OBC Lights

Extract the radio from the center of the dash by removing the two small screws that secure it with a 2 mm Allen wrench. One screw is located just to the left of the radio behind a small door in the plastic trim. The other is on the right of the radio behind another small door.

Place the radio on the flat, upper dashboard and secure it with a strip of duct tape. It is not necessary to disconnect the wires.

Open the glove box and locate the two Phillips head screws that secure the upper glove box panel to the glove box frame. The screws are located at the top front inside the glove box. Remove the screws with a Phillips head screwdriver and pull the upper glove box panel free of the glove box.

Remove the left side glove box panel from the glove box by twisting the top of the panel to the right then pulling it straight out.

Locate the on-board computer just to the left of the glove box and just below the radio opening in the dash. Carefully pry the panel holding the on-board computer to the dash loose with a small, flat head screwdriver. Reach into the radio opening with one hand and in through the glove box with the other and push the on-board computer towards the rear of the car to free it from the dash.

Pull the computer out of the dashboard about 3 inches. The wiring will hold it in place.

Locate the light bar on the right side of the on-board computer. Grasp the light bar and pull it towards you to remove it from the grooves that hold it in place.

Insert the new light bar into the on-board computer by sliding it into the grooves.

Reinstall the on-board computer by pressing it into the dash. Replace the left side glove box panel by tilting it in and upward to cover the on-board computer. Replace the upper glove box panel and reinstall the two Phillips head screws that secure it in place.

Slide the radio back into the dash and reinstall the two screws that secure it with the 2 mm Allen wrench. Close the small doors that cover the screws.

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