How to Troubleshoot the Headlight on a 1980 Honda Gl1100

The headlight on your 1980 Honda GL1100 Gold Wing motorcycle is vital for your overall safety when operating the bike at night or in dark conditions. If the headlight starts to malfunction, the two most common reasons are a burnt bulb or a blown fuse. Thankfully, replacing either is simple and quick process. The 1980 GL 1100 uses 55 watt bulbs for its headlight. The headlight fuse is a 20A fuse.

Tools Used: Philips screwdriver, Socket wrench, Replacement 55W bulb, Replacement 20A fuse, Troubleshoot Headlight

Replacing the Bulb

Park the GL 1100 and turn off the bike's engine

Remove the two screws from the headlight trim and pull off the trim itself. Remove the turn signal assembly screw and pull the assembly off the bike.

Remove the two screws and four bolts securing the headlight assembly and pull it off the bike. Make sure to disconnect its electrical connection.

Rotate the bulb counterclockwise and pull it out of the headlight assembly. Replace it with a new bulb. Reassemble the headlight assembly and reinstall the turn signal assembly.

Replacing the Fuse

Park the GL1100 and turn off the bike's engine.

Remove the bolt securing the seat to the bike. Lift the seat to reveal the fuse panel.

Remove the cover from the fuse panel and remove the "HEAD LIGHT" fuse. Replace it with a new 20A fuse.

Reattach the cover and reinstall the bike's seat.

Tips & Warnings

Never replace a bulb with your bare hands. Use a cloth or clean pair of gloves to handle the bulb.

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