How to Replace the Ignition Key on a 1980 Silverado C-10

The 1980 Silverado C-10 model pick-up truck can be difficult to find a replacement key for since it is an older model. As long as you are the original owner and have the necessary paperwork, however, you can go to the Chevrolet dealership and request that they make you a replacement key. Check with the local laws in your state; often you can also take your identifying information to a reputable locksmith shop to get a new key as well.

Tools Used: VIN, Registration, Driver's License

Replace Ignition Key

Locate the VIN number on your C10. While vehicles made from 1981 on have a standard 17-digit VIN, the 1980 C10 uses a 13-digit VIN that will be either on the dashboard, on a plate inside the driver side door jamb or on the factory options decal in the glove compartment. You can also find the VIN on your insurance card or proof of ownership.

Gather together the VIN, your driver's license and car registration. Take this information and your C10 to the Chevrolet dealership and ask or a key replacement. The dealership will need to validate your identity and your ownership of the vehicle. They will charge a fee for ordering a replacement key that they must program to your C10 before it will work.

Contact an auto locksmith's shop in your area and ask about their expertise in older Chevrolet vehicles before you follow through with Step 2. Many locksmiths have the ability to make you a new key, but they also require proof that you are the legal owner before they can make a replacement key, so take your license and registration. Locksmiths are often much cheaper than the dealership, so this is a nice alternative if you can find one who is familiar with the C10.

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