1984 Chevrolet Truck Window Lift Motor Replacement

If the window lift motor -- also known as the window regulator motor -- on your 1984 Chevrolet truck begins to malfunction, you will be unable to raise or lower your door's window. Replacing the motor actually requires the replacement of the entire regulator itself as the regulator and motor come as a single unit. In order to replace the regulator, you will need to partially dismantle the door to access the motor.

Tools Used: Slotted screwdriver, Socket wrench, Drill

Replace Window Lift Motor

Turn the truck's engine off and disconnect its battery with a socket wrench. The battery is located in the front-left side of the engine compartment. Make sure to disconnect the negative terminal first.

Remove the door trim panel by popping out the eight fasteners around the edge of the door with a slotted screwdriver. Peel back the water deflector and remove the door trim panel by lifting it off the door and disconnect its three electrical connectors.

Disconnect the door lock linkage. Slide the window up and out of the door.

Use the drill to remove the regulator assembly rivets. You should use a 12.7 mm drill bit to create holes big enough for the replacement bolts for the new regulator. Remove the old regulator from the door.

Place the new regulator onto the door. The replacement regulator should have come with nuts and bolts as well to replace the rivets. Install the nuts and bolts and tighten them to 18 in. lbs. or 2 Nm.

Place the window back onto the door and reconnect the door lock linkage.

Reattach the door trim panel and reconnect the three electrical connectors. Reattach the water deflector and reinstall the door fasteners. Reconnect the battery .

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