How do I Disable MDS in a Dodge?

MDS is a "multi-displacement system" that deactivates a cylinder bank on the Chrysler's Hemi V8 engine to operate in four-cylinder mode for greater fuel efficiency. This system is used in a variety of models including the Dodge Ram, Charger and Chrysler 300. Although the system saves fuel, it creates response lag as the engine reactivates the deactivated bank, which can be irritating to a performance enthusiast. You can disable this MDS system through a variety of means; from software reprogramming to hardware modifications.

Step 1 - Use the auto-stick feature on your transmission if so equipped. When the transmission is in auto-stick mode, MDS is deactivated. This is the only way to disable MDS without performing modifications to your vehicle. You can leave the transmission in fifth gear and it will shift up and down as needed, but the MDS system will not engage.

Step 2 - Install the high-performance Mopar cam in your engine, which will disable the MDS system. The Mopar cam is part of a performance package available from Mopar, the supplier of Chrysler parts. Note that the Mopar cam will require the Mopar engine tune as well.

Use your aftermarket tuner to disable MDS. If you have purchased a performance tune and a hand-held tuner for your MDS-equipped car, many aftermarket tuners allow you to adjust various factory settings and parameters. Check the user manual to determine in which folder the MDS deactivation is located.

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