How to Adjust the Drum Brakes on a 1984 Mitsubishi Cordia

The 1984 Cordia was Mitsubishi's first effort to bring its brand name to America. They had sold cars under the Chrysler name since the early 1970s. The Cordia was a two-door hatchback with four cylinders and front-wheel drive. It used conventional drum brakes with a rotating wheel that can be accessed from under the car. The drum brakes are adjusted at the factory and at each servicing, but the amateur mechanic can adjust them if the need arises.

Tools Used: Floor jack, Jack stands, Flat screwdriver or brake adjustment tool

Adjust the Drum Brakes

Raise the car with the jack and place it on the jackstands. Put the car into neutral and take off the emergency brake.

Slide underneath the car from the rear. You'll see a rubber, oval plug on the brake housing. Take it out.

Insert a drum adjustment tool or a flatblade screwdriver into the hole that used to contain the rubber plug. There's a sprocket inside that controls the adjustment bolt for the brakes. Push the sprocket upwards until it clicks.

Spin the drum brake with your hand. It should spin only one rotation. If it spins more than that move the sprocket one more click.

Get in the car and pump the brakes. This gets rid of any slack in the brake lines. Get back under the car and spin the drum brakes again.

Replace the rubber plug and put the car on the ground.

Tips & Warnings

If the adjustment doesn't improve stopping distance, take the car in for servicing.

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