How to Change the Headlights on a 1985 Pontiac Firebird

The 1985 Pontiac Firebird comes equipped with motorized headlights. The headlight assemblies rise to reveal the hidden headlights when the headlight switch is on. When the switch is off, this mechanism keeps the headlights hidden. All Firebirds are equipped with a manual crank to allow access to the headlights when the vehicle is not in operation. This makes accessing the headlights for replacement easy.

Tools Used: Screwdriver

Change the Headlights

Pull the hood latch and lift the hood. Make sure the hood will stay open on its own. If the hydraulic shocks are weak, use a prop rod to keep the hood open during repairs.

Locate the manual crank beside the headlight assembly. It will be a black cylinder with a rubber knob at the top.

Turn the knob on the manual crank until the headlight assembly is fully open.

Remove the perimeter screws from the metal retaining ring that holds the individual headlights securely in the housing.

Remove the retaining ring and pull the headlight out of the housing. There should be enough slack in the wiring to gain access to the connector at the rear of the headlight.

Unplug the connector and discard the defective headlight. Plug the connector into the new headlight and place it in the housing.

Replace the metal retaining ring and install the perimeter screws to secure the headlight to the housing.

Repeat this process for the remaining headlights. When finished, turn the manual crank in the opposite direction until the headlight assembly has returned to its normal resting position.

Tips & Warnings

Do not attempt to move the headlamp assemblies without using the manual crank. This can damage the mechanism and lead to malfunction.

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