How to Change the Oil on a 1982 Yamaha XJ550

The oil that runs through the motor is the life blood of your Yamaha XJ550. Regular maintenance is vital to the longevity and performance of your motorcycle. The oil cools the motor while it runs and ensures that motor parts do not come in contact with each other. Oil changes should be performed after every 1,500 miles of driving. Changing the oil of your motorcycle does not require any advanced mechanical skills.

Tools Used: Oil pan, Oil filter wrench, Socket wrench, Oil filter, 3 quarts of Motor oil, Rear stand, Funnel

Change Oil

Turn your motorcycle on and let the engine run for about 2 minutes to warm up the oil. This makes it easier for the oil to drain out of the system. Let the motorcycle cool for about 30 seconds after turning it off.

Put the rear tire of your motorcycle into the rear stand. Locate the oil drain bolt at the bottom of the motorcycle. Place the oil pan underneath the motorcycle's oil drain bolt.

Unscrew the oil plug bolt with the socket wrench. Oil will drain into the oil pan below. Once the oil stops draining into the pan, replace the oil drain bolt using the socket wrench to tighten it.

Remove the old oil filter from the side of the motorcycle's engine using the oil filter wrench. Place a small amount of motor oil on the new filter and rub the rim of the filter. Screw the filter into place on the motor and tighten with the oil filter wrench.

Remove the oil dipstick from the motor and place the funnel on the opening. Add the motor oil to the engine until the oil compartment is full. Replace the dipstick and tighten.

Tips & Warnings

Always use the motor oil type specified on the oil drain bolt of the motorcycle.

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