How to Install a Fuel Gas Filter on a 1986 Chevrolet Camaro

Your car's fuel filter needs to be replaced on a regular basis, whether it has a mechanically controlled carburetor, a computer controlled one or fuel injection. A good rule of thumb is to consider replacing it every 15,000 miles. Anyone with basic automotive repair skills can swap out a filter in less than 30 minutes.

Tools Used: GM Carburetor fuel filter wrench, ½-inch box wrench

Install a Fuel Gas Filter

Open the hood and locate the fuel line that runs into the carburetor. The line should feed into the front or side of the unit, depending on which carburetor your Camaro has, and fit to a slightly larger housing protruding from the body of the carburetor.

Slide the GM carburetor fuel filter wrench over the fuel line and slide it down until it's on the outside nut where the fuel line enters the carburetor.

Grab the inner nut with the ½-inch box wrench. While holding the box wrench steady, loosen the outer nut with the filter wrench. Once the nut is loose enough, gently pull the fuel line away from the carburetor to expose the filter.

Pull the filter out by hand and insert the new filter. Make sure to put the new filter in the same orientation as the one it's replacing.

Reconnect the fuel line and tighten it down in reverse of removal.

Tips & Warnings

Do not force the nuts loose, as you can easily bend and/or break the fuel line. If the nut won't come loose easily, try tapping the end of the filter wrench until the nut moves.

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